Apollo 11 Original Historic Teletype Archive "Spacemen Armstrong & Aldrin the Go…”

This is an incredible original teletype record that provides a near real time firsthand account of the most historic space mission in history; the 1969 Apollo 11 space mission when American astronaut Neil Armstrong became the “First Man on the Moon.” This historic paper scroll remnant amazingly measures just over 8 feet in length (96 X 8.5) reporting the events of this remarkable mission as they transpired between Ground Control and the crew of Apollo 11 made up of Armstrong and fellow astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. We cannot think of a more historic event to have preserved as an archive and an example of news reporting before the age of the internet and the widespread use of live audio and video feeds than the Apollo 11 mission reported on this original teletype sourced from the surviving archives of a radio station which relayed the news over the radio to its listeners at the time. Reporting during the hours following the touchdown of Apollo 11 Lunar Module “Eagle” as Armstrong and Aldrin make preparations for taking their historic first steps on the moon the teletype even includes the score of several major league baseball games including the New York Mets defeating the Montreal Expos in the second game of their doubleheader played on July 20 by a score of 4-3. Of course the 1969 Mets would go on to become the Miracle Mets in defeating the Baltimore Orioles for the World Championship. No more a Miracle however than Armstrong becoming the “First Man on the Moon.” Following the Mets baseball score the transcript reads, “From Mission Control: The latest check with the lunar lander indicates Armstrong and Aldrin are about 40 minutes behind in preparing for exploration.” Continued preparations included testing the T-V camera tucked inside the lander,”…This would seem to indicate that the T-V camera which will televise the historic step on the surface is functioning,” as Armstrong tells mission control, “You’ll find the area around the ladder is in complete shadow so we’ll have some problems with the T-V but we’ll get a picture with the lighted horizon.” Towards the end of the transcript following yet a few more baseball scores, Space Center types out, “The Moment comes closer and closer…at last word, ground control gave spacemen Armstrong and Aldrin the go to de-pressurize their cabin…first step in leaving the Eagle Lander…” This is a most significant artifact that lay witness to history as it was being made that can ultimately be used to create more than one display. Comes with a certificate that unconditionally guarantees the authenticity of this item.

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Apollo 11 Original Historic Teletype Archive Spacemen Armstrong & Aldrin the Go…”

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